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Paper makes up the majority of the recyclable material generated in most offices and because it is heavy it is the most important material to remove from the waste stream. To simplify the segregation of this material we collect it as a mixed quality stream so there is no need to differentiate between different types or qualities. Items that can be recycled include office paper, newspaper, magazines, envelopes and junk mail.

Paper can be collected as a segregated recycling stream or it can be included in a dry mixed recycling scheme.

We collect paper in all sizes of wheeled bins and skips as well as in clear sacks.

Interesting Facts

For every tonne of paper recycled the savings are as follows:

  • At least 30,000 litres of water.
  • 3000 4000 KWh electricity (enough for an average three bedroom house for a year)
  • 73% less air pollution than manufacturing new paper.
  • Saves 17 trees.
  • Reduces landfill by 5 cubic metres.
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