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Food Waste

It is important to collect food waste separately because it is a heavy material and also because it is the main contaminate of our recyclables. If we collect food waste separately the quantities and qualities of our recyclables collected improve.

We normally collect food waste in 120 litre or 240 litre bins which are removed from site when full and are replaced with empty ones that have been sterilized. We can supply a range of internal bins varying in size from 5 litre to 40 litre to help clients segregate food waste.

We can collect cooked and uncooked food waste mixed together. All materials collected are treated in a enclosed vessel. As the food waste breaks down, the temperature is controlled to ensure the product produced at the end is completely sterile. The finished product is used in the horticultural and agricultural industries as an alternative to chemical fertilizers or peat.

Interesting Facts

  • 700 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent1 is emitted from landfill sites as methane every year in the UK
  • 1CO2 equivalent: the amount of CO2 required to have the same effect. Actual gas produced is methane
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