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Recycling Services

Our aim is to promote the segregation of recyclable materials from commercial waste so we collect them separately. Recyclable material will be treated as a resource and commercial waste treated so that we generate electricity from it. We achieve this by working with clients on designing a suitable plan that is workable for their individual circumstances.

We can supply our own internal containers to help clients segregate materials on site. These containers can be modified to include site specific wording and company logos. We can also supply containers from other manufacturers if required.

Our implementation programmes includes the provision of signage and the training of staff. Once plans have been implemented we give feedback on materials collected which allows targeting of specific areas within the building or specific materials that could be recycled more effectively.

We can collect recyclable materials which are either separated at source or as dry mixed recyclables which are separated off-site.

If we collect materials as dry mixed recyclables we take them to a ‘Material Recovery Facility’ where they are separated. Once recyclable materials are separated they are treated as segregated materials and sent to the appropriate recovery facility.

Please contact us for more information on how we could help you.

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