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Confidential Shredding

The most secure method of destroying your confidential data in your office is to shred it personally using a high speed shredder. This is not always practical as it can be very time consuming and the shredders are very expensive. The next safest method is to have someone you can trust bring a high speed shredder to your office.

We offer an onsite shredding service where you can watch all of your sensitive data being destroyed. All information is shredded to BS8470 standard and all staff are security screened in line with BS7858 and CRB checked. Certificates of destruction are issued at the time the paper is shredded.

We specialise in providing scheduled shredding services but we can also carry out purges or archive clearance.

We can supply a range of lockable containers that best suit your requirements and we can tailor our charging mechanism to meet your needs. We also supply shredding sacks and security ties.

All paper collected is weighed when shredded and is all recycled. Accurate figures on the weights of material collected are provided.

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