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Compactors & Balers

It is often useful or necessary to use some type of volume reduction equipment for your recyclables or your residual waste.

Compacting or baling waste and recyclables will normally reduce collection costs and may add to the value of recyclable materials. The provision of equipment can also be helpful in the segregation of materials and will help to keep waste management areas cleaner and tidier. The environmental impact of the collection vehicles is also reduced as payloads on vehicles can be maximised.

We are able to provide a full range of compactors and balers at competitive rates either on an outright purchase basis or on a short-term or long-term rental basis. We will provide full maintenance support on all equipment supplied.

These pictures are of a few pieces from our range which also includes larger and smaller cardboard balers, glass crushers, static compactors and hook-lift compactors.

Please contact us and we will carry out a site survey and advise if we think you would benefit from baling or compacting your waste or recyclables.

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